I am a solid earth geophysicist whose research interests lie in constraining deformation and dynamics in the solid earth. My goal is to provide insights into the mechanisms and driving forces behind plate tectonics and surface deformation observed today. The unifying core of my research is seismic anisotropy, which arises from the accumulation of strain associated with deformation. Measurements of seismic anisotropy offer the only direct observational constraints on patterns of deformation and flow in the mantle, and provide a means of corroborating geologic evidence for deformation in the crust. While observations of seismic anisotropy have been prevalent for years, there is much room for advancement both in observational techniques and in the interpretation of such observations. Ultimately, my research will 1) address and connect dynamics associated with upper and lowermost mantle structures, 2) illuminate patterns and processes of ductile crustal deformation, and 3) combine different types of observations of seismic anisotropy to better constrain material properties.